How to treat the joints of the feet and hands

Before determining how to treat the joints of the feet and hands, doctors recommend that you adjust your lifestyle. In the treatment of diseases of the joints, you need to follow some simple guidelines:

  • to observe proper diet with restriction of consumption of salt, red meat, hot spices, simple carbohydrates;
  • gradually to get rid of extra kilograms that affect the joints of all areas (feet, hands, knees, etc.);
  • to eliminate Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • to perform light exercise, pool, yoga;
  • every day, take a contrast bath.

What medicines prescribed in the treatment of joints

How to treat the leg joints and the joints on the arms? Primarily prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These include Diclofenac and Ibuprofen. Such funds contribute to blocking certain enzymes responsible for inflammatory processes. Despite their high efficiency and ability to eliminate pain in joint diseases, such media may cause various side effects.


Less damage to the body is applied nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs of new generation. The duration of application thereof, as well as means the old generation should not exceed 2 weeks.

To treat the joints of the feet and hands can using the glucocorticosteroid drugs.

Any, prescribed in the case of ineffectiveness of non-steroidal means. As a rule, corticoid drugs used in the form inside articular injections, which are prescribed for a short time in order to avoid the development of side effects.

Inflammation of the leg joints and the upper limb can be controlled with chondroprotectors' that help to rebuild damaged cartilage.

Exercise and massage

Cure sore joints in the legs and upper limbs is possible by performing therapeutic exercises. Physical therapy is prescribed only in remission of the underlying disease, i.e. arthritis or osteoarthritis. With the help of this therapy you can achieve the following results:

  • normalization of blood circulation and drainage of lymphatic fluid in the affected area;
  • to eliminate muscle spasms;
  • Electrophoresis efficax est modus in morbis curatione iuncturam
  • to improve the General condition of the patient;
  • to strengthen the muscles around the joint;
  • to restore mobility;
  • strengthen the inflamed joint, to prevent its further destruction.

If the aching joints of the hands and toes, physical therapy can be supplemented with massage manipulations, which also have their advantages. So, massage helps to eliminate pain and stiffness in the affected joint, to restore normal blood circulation and lymph outflow, to prevent muscle atrophy. Also, this technique helps to improve the process of removing exudate, which gathers in the inflamed joint.

To treat inflammation of the joints caused by diseases such as arthrosis and arthritis, using segmental and acupressure. The first kind of procedure provides the study of a particular segment of the body (the wrist, the lump near the big toe, the ankle joint, etc.). Acupressure – is the impact on certain points that helps to normalize the functioning of the nervous system, circulation. The result is improved functioning of internal organs, elimination of pain and muscle spasm.


To treat joints of the hands and feet is required in conjunction with carrying out physiotherapy. To determine the most effective method can only physician, taking into account existing contraindications, the General condition of man, of the age. The most commonly prescribed ultrasound treatments, magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, radiation therapy.

Maxime efficax operatio curatio artus – endoprosthesis
Ultrasonic therapy is prescribed to all people with development of arthrosis or arthritis of any location. Therapy provides a warm effect and creates a massage effect, improves the metabolism in tissues, normalizes capillary blood flow.

Conducting magnetic therapy normalizes vascular tone, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, strengthens the processes of regeneration. All this helps to reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process and its further arrest. Distinguish local and General magneto therapy. To choose the most effective method for a person can only doctor.

To cure the disease of joints you can use the drug electrophoresis. During the procedure does not occur any discomfort. Already after 2-3 sessions, you may notice that decreased pain, decreased swelling of the diseased joint and the General condition improved. The main advantages of this technique can be called a rare occurrence of side effects and impossibility of damage to the skin for local effects.

Another effective method of physical therapy can be called radiation treatment. This therapy is prescribed in case of impossibility of carrying out other manipulations. In some cases, radiation therapy is administered in combination with any other physiotherapeutic methods.

the contraindications to physiotherapy, these include pregnancy, development of tuberculosis in the active phase, of atherosclerosis, increased risk of bleeding, increased overall temperature, the development of mental illness or pathology of the heart. To contraindications include the presence of prominent tumor growths in the body.

Folk remedies

The treatment of the joints of the hands and feet at home is the use of folk remedies. It can be:

  • the honey from which is prepared the poultice (honey mixed with salt in equal proportions, then grease the diseased joint, on top of imposing a linen cloth; wrap it ' til the morning, making bedtime);
  • maple leaves from which the infusion is prepared (the leaves are carefully washed and dried, after which pour boiling water and leave to infuse for 40 minutes; ready means use inside half a Cup at a time thrice a day);
  • calendula, birch bark, willow, nettle leaves, from which is prepared a decoction (components mixed in equal volume, pre-dry, then pour water and put on fire, soaking for 2 hours; the finished tool is cooled and filtered, after which take inside half a Cup at a time thrice a day).

If much pain in the joints of the toes or fingers because of gout and metabolic arthropathies, you need to take calcium salts from the inflamed area. This can be achieved with daily use jelly, dishes of chicken cartilage with the addition of a Bay leaf.

If the delay to start treatment of arthritis or osteoarthritis, will be amazed by all tissues of the joint ligaments, cartilage, bones. In this case not to do without surgical intervention.

What to do if conservative therapy is ineffective

Degenerative dystrophic changes in the tissues of the cartilage and serious deformation of the joint may require surgical intervention. This is necessary if the disease occurs in the 3rd stage or 2nd stage when there is severe pain, which is impossible to stop the conservative techniques.

Surgery is an extreme measure, resorted to in the treatment of diseases of the joints and is prescribed only after all other methods of therapy. Today, there are some ways of surgery that will help alleviate the disease, and in most cases is to get rid of it. These include:

calendula, birch cortice, salices, foliis urticae, ex qua parare ius
  • arthrodesis, in the course of which completely delete articular tissue and carry out splicing nearby bones (this technique is rarely used because it is considered radical and contributes to a significant limitation of a limb or another part, which was carried out);
  • arthroscopy, during which the specialist excision of the tissue necrosis (of the downsides of this procedure can be called a temporary effect, because after a time, degenerative changes can occur again);
  • osteotomy near the joint, during which the rasp is located near the bones and set them at a certain angle, which contributes to the displacement of the center of gravity and reduce load on the affected joint (this method is rarely used because of the time effect and a long recovery period);
  • hip replacement, that is replacement of diseased joint with an artificial implant (most effective method of getting rid of the disease, which persists for 10-15 years).

To avoid the need for surgery can only systematically control the condition of the joints and time to go to the doctor when the pain first occurs.