The manifestations of osteoarthritis of the hip joint 2 degrees and its treatment

Most often when the diagnosis is revealed osteoarthritis of the hip joint 2 degrees, as well as more advanced forms of the disease. Early on pathology is not accompanied by severe symptoms, so it is diagnosed very rarely. With 2 degrees of pathology in the structure of the joint are already present characteristic changes that cause the appearance of characteristic symptoms.

If therapy is to be initiated at this stage of the pathological process, possible to restore damaged cartilage structures of the joints conservative methods. If time does not take measures to treatment,the hip joint of 2 degrees may be exacerbated, leading to inability to lead a full life and disability.

osteoarthritis of the hip joint

Symptoms that indicate the stage of the disease

In case of arthrosis of the second degree already there are pronounced degenerative changes affecting the joint capsule and cartilage. Thus significant deformation of the pelvic joints in this phase of disease development is missing. During this period patients there is a pronounced stiffness in the foot after a night's rest.

Deforming osteoarthritis of the second stage of development is characterized by the appearance of pronounced pain syndrome. Unpleasant sensations can occur not only after exercise but also at rest. In this period of disease development may already be marked by a slight shortening of the patient's legs and pelvic imbalance. This often leads to changes in gait and lameness. When moving the joint you hear clicks and POPs. May have other signs of osteoarthritis.


The development of primary coxarthrosis in the elderly in most cases is the result of natural wear of the structures of the joints and slowing of the metabolism. With age, a decrease in the supply of the cartilage with oxygen, water and essential substances.

Most often the preconditions for the emergence of this pathology are laid, the joints if a person is constantly subjected to excessive loads. Often arthritis at a young age manifests itself in patients engaged in physical labor, and professional athletes.

The second common cause of the disease are injured. Even minor damage to the joint during an unsuccessful drops can be a cause of this problem. The emergence of secondary osteoarthritis of the hip joints can be affected by the following unfavorable factors:

  • hormonal imbalances;
  • early onset of menopause;
  • intoxication;
  • lack of exercise;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • congenital hip dysplasia;
  • excess body weight etc.

Often the development of osteoarthritis seen in people with this disease a genetic predisposition. Not yet identified genes that can be passed from generation to generation, but in the study of family history, many people suffering from arthritis, revealed frequent cases of this disease in close blood relatives.



If signs of development of this disease a person should quickly seek medical help. Therapy of osteoarthritis is engaged in orthopedic spine and trauma surgeon. First, the doctor conducts an external examination of the limb and performs a number of tests to assess the mobility of the damaged joint. Laboratory tests are not informative in this disease, but often allow to identify in a patient the presence of inflammatory process.

For the assessment of structures of articulation is assigned to an x-ray. This study reveals the increase of the femoral head, signs of deformation, reduction of the articular crevices and bone spurs. Often to clarify the nature of the changes and confirm the stage of neglect of the pathological process is assigned a CT or MRI. May be assigned to conduct ultrasound and other studies.

The details of treatment

The second stage of the hip joint need to be corrected with conservative methods. Primarily selected drugs that promote the elimination of existing symptoms and improve the nutrition of tissues.

In addition, treatment includes physiotherapy, exercise therapy and massage. Limited can be applied and some folk remedies. In addition, patients with osteoarthritis may be recommended lifestyle changes and compliance with the special sparing diet.

With an integrated approach to the treatment of this disease is possible to achieve complete recovery of joint mobility and stop further degenerative damage to the joint. Completely cure this illness conservative methods are not possible, therefore, after the stabilization of the joint, the patient needs throughout later life to take maintenance therapy and treatment in sanatorium–resort conditions.

Physical therapy

Procedures in the treatment of coxarthrosis doctors are selected individually depending on the nature of the damaged joint. Often in the treatment of this disease is laser treatment. It uses a special apparatus that creates a low-intensity infrared laser beams that penetrate 6-8 cm through soft tissue to the affected joint.

This procedure allows to warm up the structure of the joint, to eliminate inflammation, improve tissue nutrition, to stop the swelling and start the regeneration process. The duration of laser treatment is around 25-35 minutes. The course of treatment is 10-15 procedures that should be performed every day.

Often in the treatment of osteoarthritis is appointed electrophoresis. This procedure involves the exposure of affected area special galvanic currents. Electrophoresis helps to reduce puffiness and to eliminate the inflammatory process. In addition, this procedure helps to widen blood vessels, improving metabolism and eliminate spasm.

The course of electrophoresis treatment accelerates the synthesis of collagen and triggering the regeneration of damaged structures of the joint. The procedure lasts just 15 minutes. To improve the condition of the joint is sufficient for 30 daily sessions. A contraindication to the use of electrophoresis is an active form of tuberculosis, mental diseases, disorders of the liver and kidneys, hepatitis, and lesions of the skin with pus.

Often in the treatment of this pathological condition is applied magnetotherapy. This procedure allows for the influence of magnetic fields of high frequency heat well and the soft tissue structures of the hip joint. Magnetic therapy provides a marked analgesic effect due to elimination of inflammatory process and improvement of local blood circulation.

In addition, magnetic therapy helps to eliminate muscle spasms and improving mobility of an affected joint. The procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes. To achieve brilliant results enough 20 sessions. Magnetic therapy is not recommended for patients who have blood diseases, disorders of cerebral blood circulation, as well as reduced thyroid function.

treatment of osteoarthritis

Often used for osteoarthritis Shockwave therapy. This procedure involves the exposure of the damaged joint and surrounding tissue special acoustic infrared waves. This method of therapy helps improve blood circulation and eliminate stagnant processes in the tissues. In addition, the treatment allows to stop pain and inflammation. The procedures are carried out at intervals of 5, 7 or 10 days.

In the treatment of this pathological condition is often assigned to manual therapy, therapeutic baths, application of wax and clay.


To eliminate pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis is often prescribed NPRC. Such tools can be applied in the form of tablets.

For local applications use creams and gels, wherein the anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. The use of any therapeutic gel or cream due to massage effect during treatment of the affected area helps to improve the nutrition of tissues.

Often treatment is long courses of drugs are introduced to the joints. These medicines help to improve the condition of cartilaginous structures. With intense pain syndrome can be applied corticosteroids. These drugs are injected into the joint through injection. In addition, can be recommended for introduction into the joint of hyaluronic acid. These procedures help to launch regenerative processes. In the treatment of this disease frequently given antispasmodics and muscle relaxants.

Good effect and plasmolifting. This method involves the introduction into the damaged joint own blood plasma of the patient. The treatment course consists of 4-6 injections performed with an interval of 7 days.


Undergo massage treatments for osteoarthritis only after the relief of inflammation and relieving swelling. To carry out such procedures shall specialist, since self-massaging the affected area can become the cause of deterioration. In most cases, 10-15 procedures.

Physical therapy

Physiotherapy exercises for osteoarthritis of hip joints is allowed only after the relief of the inflammatory process and eliminate acute symptoms. The complex of exercises needs to be picked up by a exercise physiologist or physiotherapist. When performing therapeutic exercises should avoid high loads on the joint. All movements should be smooth and soft. Sudden movements can cause microtrauma and the development of an exacerbation.

There are several simple and effective exercises that you can perform even at home. For the development of joint it is recommended to perform squats. Movements need to be done slowly. To avoid overloading joints and balance, you should hold the back of the chair. Enough to do about 10-15 squats. Good effect gives the abstraction back of each leg alternately. To maintain balance when performing this exercise you can hold the back of the chair.

There are many exercises that must be performed in the supine position. They allow you to design joints without the risk of overload and injury. You first need to take a supine position on a flat surface. Hands down should be placed under the buttocks. After that you should begin to bend the leg at the knee, and then Vice versa. This movement should be repeated at least 15-20 times on each leg.

To develop the mobility of the joint is necessary, while in the supine position, perform a leg motion resembling torsion of Bicycle pedals. Enough just 3-5 minutes of this exercise to get a result.

traditional medicine

Traditional medicine

Folk remedies can be used only as a complement to traditional therapies. A positive effect is observed on the basis of pharmacy of bile, honey and hot pepper. For the preparation of the composition should take 30 g of bile and honey. These components should be well mixed. In the composition add 1 tsp. ground hot peppers. The product should be stir and leave to infuse for 10 hours. The finished composition should be handled in the joint area and cover the top with plastic wrap and well insulate. The compress should be kept for 3 hours.

With arthrosis of the night to make compresses of cabbage leaves. To relieve pain and eliminate the aching need to bandage to the region of the affected joint a few cabbage leaves. The affected area need to cover with plastic wrap and insulate. Such procedures can be carried out every day.

Spa treatment

Patients suffering from osteoarthritis, the recommended 2 times a year to undergo treatment in sanatorium conditions. Improving the condition of joints is carried out through the application of physiotherapeutic means, strictly selected complex therapeutic exercises, therapeutic waters, etc.


Proper nutrition speeds up metabolism, improve the condition of the joint and get rid of excess weight. When arthritis patients need food rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. The diet recommended to introduce:

  • cereals;
  • chicken;
  • dairy products;
  • of lean fish;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit.

It is advisable to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions. This will speed up the metabolism and faster to eliminate excess weight. It is advisable to cook steamed, stewed or boiled.

Possible complications

If untreated, osteoarthritis can lead to severe consequences. Most often, this pathological condition is complicated by:

  • complex fractures;
  • critical thinning of the cartilage tissue;
  • a violation of joint mobility;
  • lesion of the femoral head, etc.

In the presence of these complications is to return the patient to move normally can only surgical intervention.


Preventive measures

To prevent the development of osteoarthritis should engage in an active lifestyle by doing regular exercise to maintain muscle tone and ligaments of the hip. In addition, you should observe sparing diet and keep your weight. As part of the prevention of arthrosis of the joints to avoid injuries, hypothermia and severe congestion of the joint.


The 2nd stage of the arthrosis pathological processes in the joint, yet can be reversed with an integrated approach to treatment. To self-medicate in this condition should not, because it may cause deterioration of the articulation and the appearance of severe complications.